The Best App To Make Money From Your Phone 2023


Without a doubt, mobile phones, and more specifically smartphones, are a great opportunity to make money today.

If you are looking for the possibility of winning interesting prizes or a little extra money through the internet, you can make money from your phone. You will see!

Make Money From Your Phone

The number of applications that fulfill this task is very large and it is difficult to decide.

In this section we will add the apps to make money from your phone that we ourselves are using and that we have verified that they are reliable, serious and most importantly: that they pay.

Of course, all these applications are free and do not have any cost.

We will never use applications to earn money with the mobile or cell phone that require some type of payment or subscription, in fact, we totally discourage them.

Making the time we spend with our mobile device profitable has to be something easy and secure.

The links to the applications will always be directly from Google Play or the Apple Store , nothing from alternative markets of dubious origin.

How to make money from your phone reliably

Before you start downloading and/or using any application that in theory is used to earn money from your mobile phone, it is important that you take into account four really important aspects:

  1. The applications must always be 100% free, therefore, never pay anything to download an app.
  2. Never enter sensitive data (DNI, credit card, important passwords) in external applications, unless they are 100% verified companies and you are sure of their reliability.
  3. Do not think at any time that you are going to cover yourself with this type of applications to make money from your phone. They are simply a good way to get some extra euros or dollars in an easy and comfortable way.
  4. In both the Google and Apple stores, dozens of new apps appear every day that supposedly pay to play games, watch ads, watch videos, download, and so on. You have to be careful because in many cases they are simple scams.

How do these mobile applications work?

The operation of these applications is very simple and is based on the concept of advertising revenue.

Every app that offers an economic reward for doing something, it is because that action must have provided some kind of benefit.

For example, applications that pay to watch online videos receive income through the ads inserted in them (such as on YouTube or Vimeo).

Thanks to that, they can share a part of the profits among the users.

Thus, it is advertising that moves this entire sector of apps to earn money and is what allows us all to earn a few euros/dollars completely free of charge.

The different methods that we will find in the different applications that you will see below are the following:

1. Download other apps

It is about downloading and testing external applications that, as a general rule, will have to be used for a while to receive the reward.

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2. Apps that pay to play

The best option for gamers like me, hehe. Download and try games for a fee… cool!

3. Viewing videos

The most comfortable way to generate profits. You can put the videos on your mobile while you are doing other things (watching TV, playing games on the PC, eating, etc).

4. For unlocking the mobile

As simple as that. Unlock the mobile and earn money (once again, thanks to advertising).

5. Performing tasks

Upload photos, take surveys, share images on social networks, register on other pages and many more.

6. Saving

Applications that allow you to save through your purchases or by making smart investments. They are becoming very fashionable among younger people.

Without further delay, let's go now with the best applications that pay you to carry out all this type of action with your mobile. Go for it!

List of apps to make money from your phone

Apps To Make Money From Your Phone

There are many applications to earn money with your mobile, but in this list you will only see the ones that I personally use and have verified that they are reliable.

1. Honeygain

  • Incredible app that gives you the possibility of generating profits by giving up the megabytes that you don't use from your Internet connection.
  • Minimum to collect $20.
  • Valid for all countries.
  • Payment methods: Paypal and Bitcoin.
  • BONUS: $5 gift through an invitation link.
  • 1 level of referrals.

2. Sweatcoin

  • App to make money from your phone walking at home or on the street.
  • Gain health and earn redeemable points in the store.
  • Available for many countries.
  • Prizes: gift cards, offers and discounts.
  • Participate in tournaments with the rest of the community.
  • Language: Spanish and English.
  • 5 sweatcoins for each referral that registers with your link.

3. CashbackDeals

  • One of the best apps to earn money thanks to this great multipurpose platform.
  • You can charge from €25.
  • Available for Spain and other European countries.
  • Payment method: Bank transfer.
  • Earn €5 when a guest of yours earns €10.
  • Multitude of options to generate income.
  • Receive €7.50 free just for registering.

Opinions about making money with applications

Do not think that you are going to earn a lot of money with these applications, on the contrary, you earn very little and at a fairly leisurely pace.

But with patience, you can earn extra money that can come in handy to pay for a whim, a house bill, an unexpected expense, etc.

Mobile applications also have the advantage that you can use them anytime, anywhere, and they even make you have an entertaining time watching videos, movie trailers, playing games, etc.

Another aspect to note is that they are completely free apps and you can uninstall them whenever you want.

I recommend you visit this section from time to time because we will be adding more apps to earn money with your mobile.

When any of these applications stops paying or gives some kind of problem, we will put the "Not recommended" sign on it.

If you have any questions about the applications that we will be adding, leave a comment and I will gladly help you.