How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money 2023


Are you thinking of creating a travel blog and you don't know how?

In this post I am going to explain step by step how to start a travel blog so that you do not make the mistakes that we have all made at the beginning, you save time and money, and you can start your blog right now.

How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money

Today creating a blog is within everyone's reach. No great technical knowledge is required and it is not necessary to hire anyone to create your website for you.

In addition, the maintenance cost ranges from completely free options to between 40 and 70 euros per year that it can cost you to acquire your own domain and a hosting service.

These costs do not mean a "broke" to anyone and practically all bloggers with some experience and life from our blogs cover them without many problems with the income generated by our blogs.

You can set up your blog yourself by following the instructions in this post.


To start a travel blog and make money you need to follow several steps:

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1. Reflect on the objective you want to achieve with your blog

Like any project that you are going to carry out in life, taking a few moments of reflection so that you yourself are clear about what you want to write in your travel blog.

And for what or for whom you want to write it will help you make the first decisions and plan The development of your blog from the beginning with an adequate strategy.

Obviously, starting a travel blog to tell your family and friends what you do on vacation is not the same as having more ambitious goals and seeking to do something more professional that even generates some profit for you.

Thus, for example, depending on the line you decide to follow, it will be convenient for you to opt for one platform or another, for free options to host your blog or others in which you will have to invest a small amount.

2. Choose a platform for your blog

The first big decision you will have to make is which platform you will use to create your travel blog.

These platforms are nothing more than the software that you will use to write your blog.

Among the most popular are WordPress, the number one by far among bloggers, Joomla or Drupal, among many others.

In general, the vast majority of bloggers use free platforms, in the sense that you do not pay to use said software (it is free software).

The costs are associated with hosting your website. Nowadays all serious hosting services offer you the most popular platforms and the possibility of installing them in a very simple way and with a few clicks.

There are also platforms that, in addition to offering you free use, offer you free hosting.

One of the best known and used is Blogger/blogspot, a google service that allows you to set up your blog without paying anything.

They host the website for you and provide you with a domain with their ending (eg creating a travel as well as their own platform for blogging. also offers a similar service.

And if there are free platforms… Then why choose a paid one?

My advice is to run away from these free platforms.

I would only recommend that you use them if your goal does not go beyond setting up a travel blog for your family and friends to read.

If you want something more professional sooner or later you will have to migrate to other types of solutions.

Some compelling reasons not to use them are that their technology is really very limited, their blogs look pretty crappy, you will have to accept the policies and changes that they impose on you, and you will not own your blog or your brand.

Think that if at any time you begin to have some success and want to take a step towards greater professionalism, you should transfer your blog to a domain and your own hosting.

This process is complex and really very laborious. You also run the risk of losing all the positioning you have gained if you do not do it the right way.

For this reason, I recommend that you use a professional tool to create your travel blog, such as WordPress. This platform is the world leader.

Almost 20% of websites use it, and it is preferred by the vast majority of blogs around the world. So many people can not be wrong.

I use WordPress in several of my projects, however in this blog in which you read me I use another platform.

I am one of the few weirdos in the blogosphere who uses Joomla for her travel blog. I do not recommend its use because it is a platform that requires a much higher technical level than WordPress to get all its performance.

Trust me, you won't regret it if you opt for WordPress. It is the best option to create a blog without a doubt.

3. Choose and buy a good domain

As soon as you have decided on a good name with a slouch and that you like, get hold of it.

You have two options: buy it with the same company where you host the blog (some of them include a free domain in their hosting offers), or buy it with a different company

Either one is perfectly valid. Buying a domain has a cost of around 10 dollars per year.

In my particular case, I prefer to contract my domains with a company other than the hosting service since I own several domains and this makes it easier for me to manage them.

If the hosting service that you are going to hire does not offer you a free domain or the cost of the domain is significantly higher than what other companies offer, you can buy it through companies such as Godaddy or Namecheap.

Both are good companies to buy a domain from. I personally buy all my domains with Namecheap.

There are others that perhaps offer slightly lower prices, but for a difference of one or two euros a year I don't risk having problems.

I have been working with Namecheap for years and I am very satisfied with their service.

4. Hire a hosting service

Hosting is a server, a computer permanently connected to the network where we will place the necessary files for our website to work properly.

You will find many companies that are dedicated to renting you a space on one of their computers at very low prices. You must be very careful with your choice.

Many provide terrible service, are extremely difficult to use, have a very unfriendly interface, have serious security problems, very slow servers, and suffer from constant network outages that leave your blog temporarily out of service.

Hiring a hosting service for your travel blog is one of the most important decisions to guarantee your success.

For this reason, I recommend that you contract with FastComet, one of the leading companies in the market and that surely will not disappoint you. On the internet you will find multiple positive reviews of their service.

5. Install wordpress

In your FastComet control panel go to the “Software” section and click on “Quick Install”.

It will take you to another page where you must choose WordPress and fill in the fields that are requested.

Once this is done you already have your blog up and running.

Congratulations!!! Now all you have to do is start writing and bring your travel blog to life.