Buying Email Lists.. Is It Correct?


Buying email lists is a widely practiced practice that consists of buying data from other companies in order to send them a promotion about your products or services.

Buying Email Lists

But before you even think about it, you need to know that this practice is considered a crime.

And as time goes by, the authorities refine the details of customer data protection.

In Peru, data protection is in the hands of the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi Law 29733).

The Personal Data Protection Law aims to guarantee the fundamental right of citizens to protection of your privacy.

And all virtual businesses that handle data must ensure their users the correct treatment of that information.

Email lists provide the opportunity to be in contact with a client and send relevant information about your company.

Today, access to emails is easier through cell phones, because they ask to be associated with an email for greater security.

In this way, having an email can bring you closer to a possible sale, but it will only be effective if you reach the right person.

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Is the entire database of emails useful?

Definitely starting a company from scratch and starting to get contacts should not be something that takes place in one day.

That is why buying email lists has become so attractive, because they allow new entrepreneurs to obtain data to make themselves known.

But in the 21st century there are many digital platforms that allow you to share content in exchange for an email.

In this way, not all email lists are useful for everyone, because in addition to many factors that may arise (such as legal).

It is possible that a purge of contacts that may be outdated or be profiles of people that I would never buy a product like yours. Hence the importance of what follows.

Email database

There are people who initially used an email database to get contact attributes, but in addition to all the above on data protection, email lists are the equivalent of buying followers on any social network.

You are accessing data that does not really belong to you, does not belong to your niche and there is a high possibility of bounce.

Even if you feel that creating a database can be quite a difficult job with the right content and directed to the right people.

You can also do it legally and use it as a solid email database.

That even if you fatten it up over time, you must make sure to update it daily and improve it for effective conversion.

The traffic that sending automated emails to the right people can generate is a lot.

In this way, it is quite important to start carrying out an email marketing strategy, in order to improve the email database as you get results.

Things to consider when buying email lists:

  • A large email list will not guarantee you 100% of that data. Even if you look for it with profiles closely associated with your buyer person, you need to know that you have the losing side.
  • The email lists that are normally offered have unverified contacts and users often complain about not having given authorization.
  • No one can assure you of an exact number of conversions if users are purchased.
  • If you create an email marketing campaign with a purchased email list, it is more likely that your messages will go directly to SPAM.
  • Nobody can assure you that messages will be opened if they reach the entrance.
  • It is possible that an email list is made up of a large majority of fake contacts.
  • They are generally out of date.

Definitely, in all cases, the least recommended is buying email lists from other companies or from dubious origins.

It is safer when you dedicate yourself to collecting your own data in a safe way and with the consent of the people who offer it to you.

How to create email lists?

Now we come to the creative part, because data collection can be achieved if the right tools and formula are used.

When valuable content is exchanged in exchange for useful information: who does not like to receive a book or a guide to learn something new?

Who does not like to prepare to achieve something in their lives? This exchange is a win-win that you can use in your company to build a quality database.

  • Implement a registration option on your website where you ask for an email as data. In general, no one has a hard time putting up an email address.
  • Offer a subscription to the offer channel of your ecommerce and ask your customers for an email to send them the information.
  • Develop guides with recommendations or useful learning to share with them.
  • Make a newsletter that invites your visitors to subscribe for more information.
  • Make useful content on different platforms and always take your contacts to write you with an email.
  • Create a box in all these options where people make sure they accept that their data is stored by your company.

Now, behind all those possible options to create an efficient email list, you need to always keep in mind that you must be collecting the correct data.

And this is possible if the call to action really goes with the type of content you want. share and they receive.

Peru Email List

In Peru and many other countries, the buying and selling of email lists is still very common despite the fact that personalized marketing has shown the importance of speaking to the right people at the right time.

But if you effectively get them to sign up from your website or newsletter, you will have more chances of creating a solid database to transform into leads.

Because these contacts are aware of what you offer and will be more willing to interact with your content.

Nobody likes the inopportune person and that all they want is to sell you something, for this reason you must also be very careful with your data:

  • You have to constantly update it.
  • Go eliminating the contacts that do not interact with your emails.
  • Study which are the titles that the user usually opens with greater disposition.
  • Make sure you send good links that direct the person to a good landing page.
  • Customize each contact over time to be able to establish a relationship with content classified according to their tastes.

Having complete control over your customer database helps you not only boost your email marketing strategy, but also create a solid foundation to start generating quality leads.

It's not just about generating traffic to a certain page, in this new normal the opportunity to have your own email list is a fairly wide window that helps your content reach the right people.

Think of it this way: what you would pay to buy an email list in Peru, you can invest in creating quality content to share with your users.

And that becomes the perfect opportunity to create a list of possible clients for the future, people who really know you and consider you relevant.

Applying Inbound Marketing can help you create quality content to share with your potential customers.