10 Best Email Marketing Platforms in 2022/2023


Email Marketing is one of the most successful and effective digital marketing strategies in 2022.

Email Marketing Platform

With such a large audience and the ability to categorize them into different groups based on sociodemographic data, email marketing helps businesses reach more customers and subscribers, increase sales, and improve brand recognition.

So, if you want to implement a campaign but don't know how to do it, in this article we will point out the best email marketing platforms for your business. Want to know more? Read on!

Best Email Marketing Platforms in 2022

If you have an e-commerce business, you need to know the best email marketing tools to attract potential customers and send them informational or sales emails.

As we've already covered, one of the most successful marketing strategies, particularly for small firms, is email marketing.

It is easy to manage, has complete control, and allows you to establish direct contact with customers.

Whatever business your company is in, email marketing can help you convey your message to the correct people while also allowing you to keep in touch with your target audience even after they leave your website.

Among the various reasons to use this channel:

  • Loyalty: E-mail is one of the means to ensure that you return a large number of visitors to your site. This increases your chance of converting returning users into customers.
  • Returning Users: It is estimated that nearly 97% of users who visit and leave a web page will never return. However, by creating an email list, you will be able to encourage repeat visitors.
  • Increase Revenue: Email marketing tends to have high conversion rates, averaging 15%. Additionally, purchases derived from these campaigns tend to be higher as well.

However, the email marketing platform is software that allows you to create and manage campaigns.

These tools are usually SaaS cloud-based. A good platform will make it easy for you to send any information via email From newsletters to recovery content.

Here are the best email marketing services:

1. Email Octopus

Email Octopus is a very popular email marketing platform, aiming to provide a simple and intuitive software.

They provide customizable templates in the same drag and drop editor.

It also allows you to start campaigns from the beginning. It's very deliverable, offers custom reports, the ability to drip mail sequences, import contacts, and integrate with forms.

The software offers two plans: a free one and a premium one. You get access to up to 2,500 subscribers and 10,000 emails each month with the free plan.

Definitely Email Octopus is a best free email marketing software you can use in 2022.

2. MailChimp

If you are looking for the best and most popular email marketing platforms, then Mailship comes first.

It is especially suitable for beginners, start-ups and small and medium businesses. Among the functions it offers are:

  • Email automation.
  • data segmentation.
  • templates.
  • Personalization.
  • A/B . test.
  • bullet capture forms.
  • Integration with CRM.

This platform has several payment plans, but it is also a free plan with up to 2000 contacts and audience included.

Finally, you can get predictive insights from your contacts so you can customize your marketing.

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3. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a postal service provider. It specifically focuses on serving bloggers, podcasters, and other companies that build audiences.

For bloggers looking to send personalized text emails, it's perfect, as its designs look like they came straight from Gmail.

Are you one of those who want to run highly targeted campaigns? Well, I highly recommend you to use this tool

With this platform's flexible classification and segmentation system, you can implement automated campaigns for very specific contact groups.

You get access to a free plan with a maximum of 1,000 subscribers per month.

4. HubSpot Email Marketing

As you know, HubSpot is the most integrated marketing platform on the market.

Using email marketing software is one of the easiest ways to design, improve, and send email messages.

Client companies can create visually appealing email messages without having to be an expert in the field.

After choosing from dozens of features and actions, you can schedule the right emails to the right potential customers at the right time.

HubSpot also includes a visual editor that allows users to visualize their workflow in real time, whether they are creating a simple tracking sequence or a complex journey of multiple stages and paths.

5. Constant contact

One of the unique features of this tool is event management and the ability to manage invitations, registrations or tickets.

During its twenty years of operation, they have added various functions that distinguish it from its competitors, such as surveys and campaigns on social networks.

All of these features add to the long list of email compose options available. Plus automation and frequent newsletters.

They have a marketplace with over 400 apps and integrations that fit even the largest niche products.

6. Cheetah Digital

CheetahMail or Cheetah Digital is one of the best email marketing tools.

Focused on designing and sending email messages, it also integrates the ability to create dynamic content in messages, advanced analysis, and reporting.

Due to the ability to use cutting-edge segmentation techniques that enable you to send emails to the subscribers you want.

This platform makes it possible for anybody with a basic understanding of the subject to develop a service or unique transactional emails and newsletters.

7. Doppler

The next email marketing platform on our list of the best email marketing tools is Doppler.

It is an economical and simple platform for bulk mailing, newsletter design or segmented and personal correspondence.

It has a fast and easy-to-use template editor with hundreds of them to choose the design that best suits the needs of each business.

In addition, it is a 100% English language platform whose support team has every means to communicate, which is undoubtedly a huge advantage.

8. Moosend

Moosend is an email automation tool that helps you build your email list, customize messages, and automate tasks.

They have very easy to use email templates and drag and drop them into the campaign builder.

This tool allows you to combine images, text blocks, icons and many other elements.

In addition, it contains email templates with different designs and shapes suitable for computers and mobile devices.

9. GetResponse

It is an all-in-one marketing software platform that helps you create content, increase sales, and increase website traffic.

Email marketing, autoresponders, and built-in landing pages allow you to automate essential tasks and launch effective marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, advanced analytics makes it easy to track conversions, leads, and ROI.

10. MailJet

MailJet is an all-in-one tool. It is web-based and allows for promotions and transactions.

In addition, you can monitor in real time using advanced reports thus ensuring a good delivery rate, as the service chooses the best IP address for emails.

This platform combines, in one application, two types of emails that are necessary for any company:

Email marketing campaigns, Like offers or new products.

Transactional emails, such as order confirmations, completed shipments, etc.

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