1. Allow your dog to eliminate immediately BEFORE & AFTER each session
  2. Pick up after your dog. (poop bags & waste can are by the lobby door)
  3. Leash your dog at all times, in the parking lot & inside swim center
  4. 24hr notice cancellation notice or charged for session
  5. Self-Swim Parents are required to bring all towels and supplies as needed
  6. All dogs must be clean and well groomed prior to entering the water. If your dog is due for a bath and/or grooming please do so prior to your appointment.
  7. Excessive Clean Up Fee = Minimum fee equal to the value of one session will be charged if we have to use the next appointment’s swim time to clean your dog’s excessive fur from the pool. Please do not substitute proper grooming for a swim session.


  • Payment is expected at time of service
  • $20 minimum credit card charge (or $1 surcharge added)
  • Decontamination Fee (Defecation in the water): $130 -$195
  • Refunds are subject to banking/processing fees, up to 5%
  • Pre-paid Swim Packages expire one year from date of purchase


Self-Swim (Bring Your Own Towels and Supplies Etc.)  (½ hr. session)               $45

Pre-paid pkgs: 4/$171 (save 5%), 8/$324 (save 10%), 12/$459 (save 15%)


Trainer Swim or Underwater Treadmill (non-medical)    (½ hr. session)             $65

Pre-paid pkgs: 4/$247 (save 5%), 8/$468 (save 10%), 12/$663 (save 15%)


Rehab: Underwater Treadmill/Swim/Exercises, all inclusive  (up to 45min.)   $75                                  

Pre-paid pkgs: 4/$285 (5%), 8/$540 (save 10%), 12/$765 (save 15%)


Rehabilitation Initial Session (1.5hr)                                                                                 $90

Consult with RVT:  Veterinary Referral, Case review, Eval & Session: Hydro/Home Exercise Plan/Modalities                                                                                           


Extras – Discounts do not apply

Self-Swim Additional Dog (you must be able to safely handle multiple dogs):                        $5 per

Trainer Swim Additional Dog:                                                                                                             $20

Staff Provided: Bath & Towel Dry or Toe Nail Trim or Medication Injection:                           $25 ea

Do-It-Yourself = Bring your own supplies and clean up after yourself:  DIY Bath                    $10

Do-It-Yourself = Bring your own supplies and clean up after yourself:    Bath & Blow Dry    $15


Sessions by Appointment Only:

Tue, Thu, Fri: 9AM-6PM // Sat & Sun: 9AM-3PM

hours may vary seasonally