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"Swim & Gym!"

The Total Dog specializes in canine swimming, fitness and injury recovery.  At The Total Dog, we emphasize "a body in motion, stays in motion" and we offer a support system for overall fitness. Our focus and specialty is water-work, however we have vast resources for optimal canine health, whether at The Total Dog or elsewhere. We consider The Total Dog a wellness center for your dog's body, mind and spirit.

Evidence of the many health benefits of warm water therapy is growing, and there is no substitute for a proper exercise program. Our mission is to provide a professional, safe and dog friendly environment with services catered toward your dog's need for optimal wellness. We strive to provide a professional as well as friendly environment, and truly appreciate each and every person who has chosen The Total Dog for their pet's fitness and injury recovery needs.

Whether the goal for your beloved pet is to maintain optimal physical and psychological health, manage body condition (gain or lose weight) or help prevent injuries or recover post surgically, we can help you to incorporate an exercise program for The Total Dog.

Our services are an ideal support system for your dog's general well-being or health challenge. For injured, ill or weight-challenged pets, we work closely with you and your veterinarian (as indicated), to put together a program that will meet your dog's potential for optimal mental and physical soundness.

Plus we offer "swim lessons" and "pool safety" to ensure your dog will be a safe and happy swim star.  We also offer "meet-up" and group lesson opportunities - as well as house-calls.

Owned and operated by veterinary professionals since 2009, The Total Dog offers swimming, underwater treadmill work, exercise, massage, behavior and nutrition guidance, pet owner education, in-home pet care and swim instruction, limited day-care, home boarding, pet-sitting as well as networking with fellow dog owners, pet professionals and veterinarians.

Water activities should be approved by your veterinarian and then carefully performed and monitored by trained personnel. If you are not completely satisfied with the care you or your dog has received, please let know.

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Splash Hours...

  • Mondays/Wednesdays: Closed
  • Tues, Thur, Fri: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Sat: 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Sun: 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • New Client Appointments for Medical Cases are available Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Underwater Treadmill

The underwater treadmill is one of three bodies of water for exercise and recovery. The underwater treadmill has the unique exercise benefits of a land treadmill plus the resistance of water in a partially weight bearing environment. The water can also be jetted - for the benefits of whirlpool massage and/or additional resistance. It is the perfect complement to our canine swim and fitness center.



Special Events


Kudos to Greyhound Connection for their recent successful fundraising event! 


Saturday December 14th, 2013

12pm - 2pm

Blackwing Farms Presents:

"Get in the Zone" with flower essences and essential oils. How to better handle holiday stressors, and beyond. 

RSVP required, seating is limited

$25 cash/check/charge. A portion of the proceeds will directly benefit local rescue groups. 

Call or email to rsvp

760-721-1364 // info@mytotaldog.com


Give us a call ...Our facility is available for meet-up, adoption and fund-raising events.


We are always soliciting financial donations and resources for The Total Dog Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit resource center for pets and families in need. Our cases are primarily homeless, medically challenged dogs who have been abandoned and would have otherwise been euthanized. These dogs are saved by local rescue groups from animal shelters, then given a second chance at having a better quality of life and a permanent, loving family. You can help by becoming a part of the The Total Dog Foundation resource network. Financial contributions are always in need, but there are many other ways to help...such as fostering, sponsoring, dog walking & transportaion, adoption event dog-handling, fund raising and more...

As I becomes We, We become One - united we can make a difference in the world.



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When Gusto was diagnosed with an ankle/foot injury and possible partial tear in his cranial cruciate ligament in his knee, I knew his Flyball career would be on hold for many months until we successfully rehabilitated him back into competition form.

Natalie and Carol are wonderful with all dogs. They have devoted their lives to healing dogs and it really shows, especially at their new swim location with two wonderful pools, a massage room, another waiting room, bathrooms to change in and a dog bath/shower area.